About Mary Jane

Personally, I don’t smoke weed. I have other addictions (like gambling) so I don’t need marijuana. And as a mother, I damn sure don’t want that stuff anywhere around my children!

Welcome-to-Colorado-Marijuana-Green-Rush-750x471I cannot get over how stupid people are being when it comes to pot getting legalized in Colorado. I live in Kansas, so its legalization there is certainly seen and felt here. People my husband knows, and some of his family, live in Colorado and all that is on his Facebook feed is crap from these people about getting high and pictures of the types of weed they’ve bought at various Colorado dispensaries.

Grow up already people!

The ignorance of some people just blows my mind. I mean really, how stupid are you to post the shit to your Facebook wall when weed is still federally illegal? I don’t care if Colorado says it’s okay, federally it’s not. These people are just setting themselves up to get in trouble by blasting their federally illegal activities on Facebook. Plus, just what is there about one buying and smoking weed that warrants such pride as to brag about it? In my opinion, nothing.

Do I agree with weed smoking? No, I do not. I think too many parents are irresponsible when it comes to the stuff, leaving paraphernalia around their children, smoking it around their children, dealing it around their children, buying it around their children. Do I think weed is harmful? No, I do not. There is no way the effects of marijuana compare to any effect of alcohol or cigarettes or worse. Do I think marijuana should be legal? No, I do not.

I don’t agree with legalizing weed because I do not trust all these irresponsible people to keep the stuff out of public and away from my children and away from me. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to smell it. I damn sure don’t want it around my kids. And these dumb people who upload pictures of their pot and post statuses about getting high on Facebook, well there is no way in hell that I would trust those same people to be responsible enough to keep it indoors and away from my kids and the public in general. They are too high on the fact that it is now legal in that state to even think about the effects weed smoke may have on children or people with disabilities (breathing or otherwise) or the elderly.

I think the stupidity has only just begun.


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